Increasing Intimacy Sessions

Based on the work of Diane and Kerry Riley of The Australian School of Tantra these sessions are about exploring ways to bring more love and intimacy into how you connect with your partner. They are about feeling more connected to yourself in body, heart and soul and more connected with each other in body, heart and soul. 

You are guided to take the pressure off about “performance” and to bring more soulfulness, joy, love and a rich sense of pleasure and connectedness into your sexual intimacy together.   In these sessions each of you, individually, as well as a couple together, is held in deep respect. They are very honouring and invite a sense of the sacred into your sexual relationship. You can use the tools from the session (clothes on, nothing strange,) to find your own unique way together forward.

Whether you are in a new relationship and want to start on the right foot, or have been together for many years and want to enrich the connection between you, or are so busy with children and work that you suddenly see that you must do something for the two of you as a couple, these sessions can open you to a wondrous new way of being together.

They are paced to suit you both and are a gift in themselves, a lovely experience to share together, as well as what you learn and will be able to bring into your lives. 

Increasing Intimacy Sessions are one and half to two hours duration.  Many couples find one session gives them plenty to work with but there are further sessions, tailored to your needs.

To book a session or enquire further contact Satyo