What brings people to Couples Counselling Sessions

Troubled waters: Couples come for many reasons for support through Couples Counselling Sessions. For example, we might find ourselves in a life crisis that throws each into uncomfortable reactivity with the other; or we may feel fed up of going round in circles, repeating the same old conflict patterns together; we may feel bogged down or bored in how we are being together and long for change; we may even sense that our whole relationship is out of control and on a downward spiral, not knowing if we really want to be with the other anymore.  

At times like these, what a relief it can be to reach out for support, to seek more clarity about what is going on and search for fresh ways through.

Wanting to improve your connection:
We may also cherish each other immensely and simply seek help from a Couples Counselling Session to look at patterns from our past that are affecting how we relate together now, as adults. Or we may be aware of communication difficulties between us that we would like more skills to improve. So you don’t need to be having a hard time together to benefit from a Couples Counselling Session!

What happens in a Couples Counselling Session

Bringing the relationship to an outsider to bear witness to your struggles and longings, can be a notably helpful step in itself.  These sessions offer this place of sanctuary and the opportunity to stand back and look at what is going on. Each of you is honoured and your relating together can be explored with utmost care.  Couples Counselling offer both of you a place to gain more understanding about what is going on, more choice in how you want to be together and more skills in navigating your way forward.

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If you want to explore couples issues but not in a Couples Session

You don’t always have to come with a partner to explore what is going on in relationship with them!!! Some people don’t want to come to, or are unable to arrange, a couples’ session but do want to work on what is happening in their relationships. I find that many clients can still bring benefit to their relationship issues by exploring these in an individual session. When one person begins to attend to the relationship, it can often make a remarkable difference to what unfolds between the two of you, together.