Counselling & Psychotherapy

At times, in our journey through life, we find we would like more support and of a different kind than what we may receive from those in our immediate circle...We may want to heal from a past experience; to change our life direction; or to bring a new aspect of ourselves into being. .. We may simply yearn to feel more enlivened... Or things may seem too difficult and we can’t see our way forward at all. 

At times like these we want to be supported by another in a way that is both professional, yet also warm, human, companioning, responsive to us as a unique individual.    The effect of this kind of support can be profound.  By being deeply listened to we can unravel what is at the heart of our distress, our questions, or state of emotion.  We can begin to find a way to attend there and to find our way through.  I offer this kind of support. 

I am a Clinical Member of PACFA and my training includes person centred, existential, mindfulness based, transpersonal, experiential and somatic based approaches to counselling and psychotherapy.   I can draw on a number of different modalities to support our work together, but, at the heart of our interaction, supported by my depth of personal and professional experience, I meet, relate, and respond to you, as a fellow human being, likewise finding my way in this journey of life.  I support you to help you find your own unique way.

Our work together may take the form of shorter term counselling sessions or longer term psychotherapy, where we can unravel more deep rooted patterns of being. 


“In therapy we may sense a potential that wants to ripen and be expressed; that we can become more of who we truly are.   Moving towards this, even when things are complex, offers our lives immense depth and spiritedness.”  - Satyo

Why People Come to Sessions


Life Directions such as:

  • Handling change and transition
  • Healing trauma
  • Accessing more inner joy
  • Finding more meaning

Self-development such as:

  • Managing stress/anxiety/depression
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Attending to emotions
  • Exploring personal growth

Relationships such as:

  • Enhancing communication
  • Embracing grief and loss
  • Increasing intimacy with a partner
  • Couples sessions

"I am continuously touched by our capacity to search for and create a life of richness, integrity and meaning amidst the challenges of our lives" - Satyo

How Sessions Work

Being deeply listened to and understood

You are given a safe, confidential space to be listened to with presence and care.
I work with you in companioning and collaborative partnership, to help explore your experiences more fully and find fresh ways to be with them.

Support in accessing your inner strength and potential

Sessions help foster and develop your inner resources, bringing forth more awareness, insight and creativity in response to your life situation.

Being attended to as a unique person

I respond to each client as a whole, unique person - in mind, heart, feelings, body and soul.
Whether through in-depth conversation and dialogue, or more experientially, we work together in ways best suited to you.


Registered clinical member of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia)

Masters degree in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy

Various approaches to counselling and psychotherapy such as person-centred, mindfulness-based, existential, transpersonal and somatic


  • Fourteen years private practice counselling and psychotherapy
  • Thirty five years’ experience group facilitation—in both private practice and for services such as Illawarra Area Health and Aftercare.
  • Nine years teaching ­­in Community Services, TAFE, in areas such as wellbeing and grief and loss.
  • Six years couples work for the Australian School of Tantra
  • Forty years commitment to my own personal and professional journeys.

I deeply trust the value of the therapeutic process.  Both my professional, and my personal  journeys,
in traditional and experiential therapies have had a profound effect on who I am,
how I live and what I can offer others" - Satyo

Session Information

Locations: Leela Cottage, Robertson, Southern Highlands and Red Orchid Clinic, Nowra, Shoalhaven

Duration:  Seventy five minutes

Rates: $95.00  (Concession and Pensioner prices available).