Workshops using Arts Therapies

In supportive small groups, modalities such as naturally expressive movement, music, pastels, collage, writing and clay-work, help us deeply immerse ourselves in, and enquire more fully into, aspects of our life’s journey.  They can often do this in a richer way than the spoken word alone, and to offer us inspiring, possibly surprising, possibilities into how we might move next in our lives.

I offer workshops for these small group experiences, both in my own private practice and for community and health organisation.  Workshops include, in my private practice, Women’s Weekends and retreats such as “Coming Home to Your Body”, “Moving Menopause”, “Renewal”; and, in the community, workshops like “Time Out for You” for carers.


When we explore significant life themes, in the company of others, it can be so encouraging, especially when we are tapping into this transformative realm of arts therapies.
You do not need experience in any of the arts modalities to use them in this way, for exploration, expression, and insight.
Mindfulness and body awareness skills are also interwoven in these workshops, with plenty of time to reflect.


“In this work, I am touched again and again at how arts therapies can enhance our lives, the richness of meaningfulness accessed, the unexpected understandings, fresh way of seeing and sensing life.  Through their different and unique gifts, they also bring us a fundamental enlivenment and enrichment.”  - Satyo


Women’s Weekend Workshops

Workshops in recent years have included Coming Home to Your Body, Wise Passages, Honouring Heart and Soul, Pathways of Ease and Pleasure, Moving Menopause: Enhancing the Journey, and a one day workshop, Body and Soul Day.
Workshops are mostly held at my home, Leela Cottage in the Southern Highlands, but occasionally I can travel to you to facilitate one.

It is also possible that a whole course is offered for those living close enough, to meet and explore in a more weekly, ongoing way.


Photos from past Art Therapies workshops.


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Workshops for Community and Health Organisations

Please contact Satyo if you would like to hold a workshop using arts therapies for clients in your organisation.

My background for Community and Health includes:

- Dance therapy programmes for people with Disabilities (Interchange, Life without Barriers) - Time Out For You for Carers through Aftercare, Wollongong - A series of Bodytalk courses for the Illawarra Health Body Image and Eating Behaviour Program - Workshops for Breast Cancer Support Groups - Workshops for Links House Sexual Assault Clinic - Professional Development Self Care Workshops in Nowra and Sydney