My life journey as a person and therapist

From an early age I have had a deep quest into what makes my own particular life, and those of others, meaningful.  As a young girl I found companionship and form for these feelings in the great articulations of English literature and through my own writing and drawing.  Later on, expressive movement and dance helped access deeper feelings and longings that words seemed unable to reach.  Movement also took me to my first experiences of meditation and finding a heartfelt, restful spaciousness, beyond the complexities of my psyche.


This sense, that the arts touch places that matter, inspired trainings in expressive movement and arts therapies, and years of exploration personally and professionally, participating in and then facilitating workshops, courses, programmes and individual sessions. 


Amidst all this, I depthed my own therapeutic journey by finally finding a psychotherapist who could really attune to me, listen, respond, assist me to look deeper at patterns from childhood.  In this relationship of trust and inspiration, my own search for meaning blossomed and strengthened.  I found myself moved by the richness of dialogue, connectedness and understandings that could unfold within such quality support.   I furthered my training and developed, alongside my other work, my own counselling and psychotherapy practice.


These deep personal experiences, of what it is like to grow through therapy, form a strong backbone for what I offer today in my roles as counsellor, psychotherapist, and arts therapist.  My substantial professional background and training accompanies this rich personal journey.

In essence, the person who I am and the therapist who I am are deeply interwoven.
I respond to my clients, not merely as a trained professional, but as a very real human being, who continues to explore deeply, making sense of this complex, challenging, sometimes heartbreaking, but also wondrous life, as well as I can, and searching how to live it with soulfulness and spirit.

I am happily married, love my home and garden and maintain rich family ties with my roots and family in England. 

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Qualifications, training, experience

I am a registered Clinical member of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia,) hold a Masters in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT,) and a BA Creative Writing.

Trainings and philosophies that I draw on for my counselling practice include person-centred, mindfulness-based, existential, transpersonal, experiential and somatic approaches to therapy.

I have fourteen years’ experience of private practice counselling and psychotherapy, and thirty five years group facilitation, (private practice and for community services.)  I continue to support my therapy services through regular professional-development trainings and supervision.

About how I work
The essence of what I offer is that I be as deeply present as I can with each person or group of people that I work with.  I work in a collaborative way, attending, guiding, attuning, companioning; drawing on my broad background and long experience, and on what is unfolding as we explore what matters to you.  I find it a privilege to offer this support, both in the format of working deeply and relationally in counselling and psychotherapy and facilitating small groups.  Likewise, having grown through both the challenges and blessings of 36 years in relationship, it is rewarding to use my skills assisting couples.  I am so often deeply touched in the work that I do and by what we discover as we work together.