Connecting by Resting In

Saturday 15th August 2018.  Just now I took the space to lie down and connect with myself more deeply, to rest in, come back to my body, open to how I was feeling amidst the doing of the day, soften.

I feel different from having taken that time, not as driven to ‘get things done’, sort of sitting in myself a bit more.  It was time to integrate too, to let the conversations and connections with others from the day unravel a bit, to feel what touched me, to feel also where I was still caught with another person and just let go from that a bit, soften, that is the feel of it, come back to my hands resting on my breathing body.  I was gradually aware too of the part of me who could watch, not be tangled up in, the passing strands and echoes of my thoughts, note and enjoy the various tingles and other senses of my body lying there, still, yet so ‘alive’.  A growing satisfaction emerged in the simple connection that was there between the surface of the bed I was lying on and the weight of my breathing body.

As I lay, the theme of ‘connection’ that I had been either working on, or aware about, as my “Dancing Connections” workshop draws nigh, sifted through me and realigned itself.  I could feel the enrichment from the connections of the weekend….with my goddaughter, her boyfriend, my husband, as we all worked and played together here on this property… and at the same time I sensed myself ‘found’ again in another forming of connection…with my breathing body, the support of the mattress, the wandering, imagining thoughts bobbing through like waves, the sense suddenly of ah, yes, a connection to something larger than myself is here available now, a reaching out to that…larger than all these thoughts about workshops and blogs and Facebook, something I can trust and that buoys me up infinitely and that I can somehow also fall back into and splash around in too, any time….how good to be moved again by THAT connection.

My cat, Emerald, she seems to know a lot about resting in!  And what about you?  What do you know about it?  And, what might you or I discover more as we continue to take the time, open ourselves to the experience of it and are curious?  I wonder where Emerald goes to as she ‘rests in’!  It looks good!  I wonder what she discovers, what she connects to.  She certainly invites me to explore more about resting, deeply, luxuriantly resting inwards, taking the blessed time to connect with myself in this way.


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