Movement and Dance for Women

This photo is from when I was filled with joy and a rich sense of connection from facilitating a movement therapy event on a recent women’s retreat.  It left me feeling, yet again, the sweet potency that movement and dance holds for us as women, as a way to explore and expand our world, claim it and make deeper sense of it. In the upcoming ‘Dancing Connections’ weekend  we will use naturally expressive movement and dance as one of the major ways to explore the theme of connection.  We will also open our arms to other arts therapies and the discoveries that come through using modalities such as pastels, clay, writing,….  But let’s for a moment hone in on what movement and dance can gives us.

Do you already love to move, is it in some way a ‘practice’ for you?  A way into deeper levels of connection with yourself?  Or perhaps a way, simply, to release stagnant energy and let new energies flow?  Or maybe you are reticent about moving at all expressively, feeling awkward or just preferring other ways to “be” or “find” yourself.  My sense is, whether you are deeply into movement or hovering on the side and hesitant, that in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment there is always more for you to discover.  That is the wonder of it.  It is a modality that is rich with potential.

So what does it do?  It can take us deeper into our connection with our bodies, helping us feel more at home in them and be curious about the wisdom and understandings they may hold about our lives, that our minds may not have access to.  We can also, through the right kind of movement explorations, slowly develop a sense of security, stability, trust, feel more anchored, less overwhelmed in life.

Expressive movement can also simply enliven us, make us feel more vital, more spirited. Sometimes this is just what we need.  I came home the other day from the movement session I ran on the retreat tingling with good energy….although this would also be the good energy of connectedness that movement had given me with the other women.

Movement can be an immense and friendly healer, helping us embrace and gently tend to old wounds.

It is almost magical in the way it can connect us to many different sides of who we are and who we can be.  We had a taste of that in the movement session last weekend.  Such richness of expressions, and qualities honoured  of being women!  I feel touched and graced by what happens when a group of us as women move together in this exploratory way.  Honoured to be part of this particular gathering of the Feminine.

And movement moves us and opens our hearts…in the session last weekend we met and connected and enjoyed one another’s company in ways we simply could not have accessed through talking alone.  It helped us support one another, resonate with each other, be curious and available to each other, amplify good energies that were ready to move.  And have fun together too!  So much of the very essence of delight can be connected to through movement.

Well, there is so much more to say and to be expanded about, what naturally expressive movement brings to us…. but that can all be for another time. I am not aiming to cover it all here but just to share some of what was zinging in me after last weekend’s facilitation.

And I want to finish with this unexpected affirmation, about how movement works for us as women, that happened for me yesterday.   I was putting up a flyer in a Highlands post office and a lovely alert woman there, wearing a bright red hat, looked at the flyer and reflected that there seems to be something about women and dance that really goes together, that seems natural, as if it is a ‘right’ kind of mode for us, one that many of us can fall into and allow.  I liked that, and resonated with it, and enjoyed it coming into my day in this unexpected way from a stranger who wasn’t even dancing in that moment, probably wasn’t considering coming to the workshop, but somehow “knew” something of what women and movement is all about and wanted to convey that; something essential that fascinates or seems richly significant….even has a touch of mystery about it.    

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