"Welcome to my website offering a range of supportive services from individual counselling and psychotherapy to sessions for couples and warm hearted self‐development workshops for small groups".


Counselling offers you a nurturing space to explore your thoughts and feelings about life situations where you want more support. In psychotherapy you can work longer term on habitual patterns that hold you back. I attend to you with gentle professionalism to help find your unique way through.

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Couples sessions offer you support to attend more caringly to your relationship with a partner. Safely explore how to better deal with challenges you are facing in Couples Counselling Sessions. Or bring the benefits of Tantra to your loving connections in Increasing Intimacy Sessions.

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Small groups, including Women’s Weekends, utilise expressive arts therapies to help explore and transform aspects of our life’s journey.
The arts can move us deeply.
Arts therapies draw on modalities such as movement, music, pastels, clay, and writing.

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  • In the time I have been seeing Satyo as my therapist, she has helped me move through some difficult issues. She has been someone I can trust and feel comfortable to work with, in a creative way that has benefited me in all areas of my life".

  • I had a beautiful weekend ……….We reviewed, danced, created in ways to unravel and identify the way forward through and after menopause, in ways individually meaningful.  Satyo was warm, caring and professionally guided us over the two days drawing on her extensive experience as counsellor and creative arts  therapist and helping us individually and as a group to celebrate ‘the Pause’”.

  • …A weekend to treasure….”

  • Satyo’s workshop was so nourishing and insightful and opened up beautiful opportunity for sharing and connection.”

  • It brings out our clients’ imagination and creativity, which in turn gives them a sense of belonging in a social atmosphere. They all participate well….and enjoy it”.

  • The menopause workshop has been so wonderful for me this year…..”

  • I still have such lovely memories of the “Moving Menopause” weekend…..”

  • I found the environment very warm & inviting. The workshop encouraged much personal exploration & journey moments…still reflecting & taking it all on board”.

  •  I (left) feeling stronger, fulfilled and nourished”.

  • ……the process, content, pace and environment were all incredibly nurturing, inspiring, creative and supportive”.

  • ….  thank you for creating a beautiful, respectful, safe space to explore me in the feminine experience of menopause”.

  • Satyo provided a caring and nurturing space in order to explore my feelings in a group in which she had established safety and trust.”

  • (there was) a sense of calmness and wellbeing. Satyo was marvellous in creating an atmosphere of caring and sincerity. True desire to teach us to draw from within to help us”.

  • I loved this first introductory session to Tantra. It had the spiritual and intimacy components I was seeking to better connect with my girlfriend and partner, ……it gave us tools to play with at an emotional, spiritual and physical level, to build and deepen our relationship”.

  • Thank you, Satyo, for making the session so comfortable for us. I now feel I have tools I can use to keep the channels of love, connection, sensuality and communication open with my partner. Thank you for this gift”.

  • What stands out in Satyo’s sessions is the way she is really, really with me. This helps me to be more fully with myself and, with her insightful responses, see what is going on inside me. I am nurtured by her beaming warmth. And she does not tell me what to do”.

  • Satyo was lovely. Very warm and engaging. She drew out some wonderful insights from the group”.

  • I loved the session and felt very open and safe. The skills I have learned are, I think, life changing”.